A high level of vertical integration, guarantees our customers individual production with high quality standards. This underlines the fact that all installed components, such as steel, aluminium, hydraulic and electrical parts are provided with material quality and testing certificates and are tested by our own in-house quality assurance before final assembly.

Below we present a few of our production steps in detail.

Premounting / body construction:

In unserer Vormontage nimmt Ihr Produkt Gestalt an. Hier werden zahlreiche Teile aus Stahl und Aluminium zu einem Grundgerüst zusammengefügt. Durch modernste Schweißtechnik samt Schweißschablonen werden die einzelnen Komponenten maßhaltig angefertigt. Die Arbeitsschritte erfolgen in einer auftragsgesteuerten Zellfertigung. Sämtliche Arbeitsschritte werden durch qualifiziertes Fachpersonal begleitet und überwacht. Somit wird eine Symbiose zwischen Maschine und Mensch erschaffen.


In a multi-stage painting process, in our own sandblasting and painting department, dredging and vehicle components are individually primered and painted. As a customer your choice is between all RAL colours.

In our modern paint shop, the technical and ecological standards we set, are very high. Such as a separation system for paint overspray, allows for a reduction in emissions of solvents, which are harmful to the environment.  We offer a KTL coating of individual components (cathodic dip coating) as an option.

Final assembly:

In assembly the individual vehicles and excavators are fitted with the most efficient machines in their class. Here in particular, are the wishes of the customer, to a versatile machine are the at the core of consideration.  Hardly one machine here resembles the other, because HANSA-engineering allows the customer the highest possible individualization of the desired vehicle.

What makes this highly complex manufacturing process powerful, is to ensure a smooth flow of logistics. This is only possible for us by a perfect interplay between purchasing, warehousing and just-in-time deliveries by our reliable suppliers.

The final assembly consists of a modular production and line production. This enables us as manufacturer to efficiently manufacture individual and serial components. In view of this new manufacturing logistic, a completely new production facility including infrastructure, was built in 2015.

Through a multi-stage quality control system, continuous quality control is ensured at each production stage and ensures a consistently high quality of the manufactured vehicles. In addition, each vehicle is tested on our own test track in detail. Finally, each vehicle and excavator is approved individually by TÜV Nord.

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