Accessories and implements

Our narrow track vehicles, APZ 1003 K, APZ 1003 M and APZ 1003 L with versatile expandable accessories and implements and allow you a cost-effective use in all seasons and assist you with a diverse array of work.  Our vehicles are factory-equipped with a full common hydraulics; thus you will be able to use any possible attachments without having to make further adjustments to the vehicle.  These various attachments make our vehicles versatile multipurpose work tools.

They can be used as a municipal transport vehicles and carriers for all possible attachments in the front and rear mounting.  Some attachments and Interchangeable bodies are represented in the following gallery.

It will be our pleasure to demonstrate the various attachments in use.  Contact us now! For more information and contact details can be found under the heading “Demonstrations”.

If you replace your current vehicle with a new HANSA vehicle and would like to continue to use your existing attachments. We collect your exisiting attachments and adjust to your new vehicle for these at the factory.