APZ 1003 XL

  • Permissible total weight: 7,490 kg
  • Payload: 4,300 kg
  • Engine power: 150 PS; optionally 175 PS
  • Hydraulic power: 170 L at max 400 bar
  • Dimensions: Cab width 1,750 mm, height 2,200 mm – 2,300 mm (depending on tires), wheelbase from 2,550 mm, track width max 1,850 mm
  • Cab: Newly designed spacious three-seater or two-seater cab with automatic climate control, cruise control, fully glazed doors, and very good all-round visibility.
  • Body: Body spreader up to 2.2 m³ possible, comfortable arrangement of connections at front and rear for mounting of attachments and accessories.
  • Front attachments: Snow plows up to 3 m via attachment plate size 3

Further features of this versatile implement carrier can be described as follows: the cab floats completely vibration-free in an elastic suspension and is hydraulically tiltable. This also includes effortless access to maintenance-relevant components.

Each vehicle of the APZ 1003 series is tested by TÜV and equipped with a report. To make the APZ 1003 the right all-rounder for your application, optional changes can be made in our factory. We are happy to address your very specific requirements for a multi-purpose implement carrier vehicle and provide you with a tailor-made offer.

For versatile use in the municipal as well as the private sector, a narrow-track vehicle from the APZ 1003 series can be the right partner for you. Convince yourself in a personal conversation with us or in a demonstration at your site!

 APZ 1003 KAPZ 1003 MAPZ 1003 LAPZ 1003 XL
Length (approx.): ca. 3.650 mmca. 3.900 mmca. 4.250 mm4.250 mm / optional 4.500 mm
Width (approx.):ca. 1.250 mmca. 1.370 mmca. 1.500 mm1.750 mm
Wheelbase (approx.):ca. 1.950 mmca. 2.200 mmca. 2.550 mm2.550 mm
Max. Load capacity (approx.):ca. 4.550 kgca. 4.250 kgca. 4.250 kgca. 4.190 kg / optional ca. 6.000 kg
Max. Total weight (approx.):7.100 kg7.100 kg7.490 kg7.490 kg / optional 9.500 kg
Loading area:1.650 x 1.300 x 400 mm1.900 x 1.330 x 400 mm2.250 x 1.500 x 400 mm2.500 x 1.750 x 400 mm
Loading height:1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Standard tires: 285 / 65 R 16,
winter detection
285 / 65 R 16,
winter detection
285 / 65 R 16,
winter detection
265 / 70 R 19,5,
winter detection