APZ 131

  •  „Ease of use with the hydraulically operated controls“
  • „Cab with optional sliding door“
  • „Possibility of single track“
  • „Powerful 4-cylinder Kubota engine“
  • „Effortless Track adjustment – even while driving“
  • „Controls of designed for ergonomical support and with wide field of vision“
  • „Directionally stable and stable at all bottlenecks“

The APZ 131 is a portable excavator whose all-wheel drive and continuously controllable speed of 0-6 km / h forward and reverse makes it remarkably mobile.

The APZ 131 featuring a spacious cabin, give the operator an ergonomic, stress-free and comfortable working atmosphere. A heated cabin, even in inclement weather makes for a pleasant working environment. Likewise, the cabin offers the operator a complete visibility around and into each workspace.

The body of the APZ 131 is designed so that careful work in confined spaces is possible. For example, the superstructure does not pivot beyond track of the vehicle.

Individually adjustable folding outriggers ensure a safe grounding in any working position. Leveling allows a comfortable driving and working on slopes.

A specifically developed tandem trailer for this excavator, with adjustable tow bar and a special ramp, ensures fast laoding and easy transport.