APZ 331

  • „Effortless maintenance access“
  • „Ergonomic cab with a retractable windscreen and sliding door“
  • „Hydraulically operated controls“
  • „Powerful 4-cylinder Deutz engine“
  • „Load-Sensing Hydraulics“
  • „Oversized rotex gear – 950 mm“

The APZ 331 is characterized by its cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness and flexibility in confined spaces and difficult terrain conditions.

With our innovative vehicle technology, we enable you with our APZ 331 to uncomplicated vehicle operation. This cemetery excavator notably allows the user ease of handling with the hydraulically operated controls. Also it features a spacious and ergonomic cab for a comfortable operator working atmosphere. This is underlined by the easyly retractable windscreen and sliding door.

Characteristic of our APZ 331 is its oversized rotex gear – 950 mm diameter – which guarantees the user optimal load redistribution during rotation.

We can optimally respond to your needs and requirements. We can individually tailor the track your APZ 331 during manufacture for you, track widths of between 1,000 mm and 1,250 mm are possible.

Load-sensing hydraulics a standard feature of our cemetery excavator, allows for fuel savings of up to 35% in during operations.

The hydraulic Dual circuit with brake booster of APZ 331 features an automatic, load-dependent brake force control and a hydraulic spring-loaded parking brake.