APZ 531

  • „Fully sprung suspension“
  • „Effortless maintenance access“
  • „Ergonomic cab with a retractable curved windscreen and sliding door“
  • „Hydraulically operated controls“
  • „Performance Iveco engine with 150 hp“
  • „Load-Sensing Hydraulics“
  • „Oversized rotex gear – 950 mm“
  • „Blind-spot assistant as standard equipment“
  • „Maximum speed of 40km/h“
  • „Hydrostatic transmission“

Cemetery maintenance and grave digging require careful work under challenging conditions. Work in tight spaces with complex approachs and difficult ground conditions while maneuvering the vehicle in confined spaces, in an emotionally charged environment, makes for a ​​difficult workload. This requires a utilitarian working vehicle that is tailored to your needs.

The APZ 531/531 H is in this class our most powerful of its kind. Our municipal and cemetery excavators is designed for flexible use in the municipal and landscaping sectors. The APZ 531/531 H is a vehicular working tool that developed through years of experience with our customers.

Our machines simplify your daily work with continuous development and innovation. This includes the effortless maintenance access.

The differences of the PCA 531 and PCA 531 H can be described as follows: the APZ 531 H has a counter-rear weight that allows him work with short folding support – whereas the APZ 531 used with a long telescoping support.

Characteristic of the APZ 531/531 H is its permanent all-wheel drive, which guarantees the user also on difficult ground conditions constant mobility. In particular, is the ability of to switch easily between the three steering modes – front wheel, all-wheel and crab steering.

The Municipal and cemetery excavators APZ 531/531 H are equipped with a hydraulic dual-circuit braking on both front and rear disc brakes.  Furthermore, the user is assisted during in the operations by a load-dependent brake force control. The parking brake of the APZ 531/531 H is spring-load controlled.

The rotating assembly – 950 mm, is with inner teeth and induction hardened. The superstructure can be hydraulically locked from the cab. At this point it must be mentioned that all the movable parts of APZ 531/531 H can be controlled from the cab.

This makes the use of this mobile excavator very efficiently and safely.

The outside width of the APZ 531/531 H extends from 1.27 m to 1.80 m with dual tires.

The ergonomically and well designed cab provides the operator with a maximum working comfort. Special features of this comfort cab include the expansive visibility due to the retractable domed panorama windscreen, the generous entry and exit through the sliding door, the height and tilt adjustable steering column and the innovative driver’s seat with shock protection.

Additionally, the APZ 531/531 H comes standard with a camera on the side of the cab, which allows the operator to see into the blind spots the excavator. Also, the cab can be tilted hydraulically and is free of vibrations because it is suspended in an elastic mounting, which makes this mobile excavator very agreeable for everyday use of. A tidy, well-structured dashboard which includes all the necessary components, ensure the user can enjoy the highest possible operating convenience.

It also provides the operator with enough space to set up his everyday workstation. On cold days, a hot water heater, heated seats and heated exterior mirrors make for maximum working comfort.

The excavator APZ 531/531 H has a telescopic boom with an overall extension of up to 7,300 mm. The mobile excavator has a clamshell that is designed by us with a reinforced version and is 360 ° endless rotatable. An extension of the Lehnhoff quick-change system with deep and grave bucket makes work in the municipal sector is possible.

The APZ 531/531 H is equipped with an extensive hydraulics, which allows for the use of implements such as pruning shears, an auger or a demolition hammer, without or just partial further adjustments.

It is possible to optimally adapt the excavator by various optional extras to suit your requirements of a mobile excavator.

Contact us now!  It will be our pleasure to make an offer that we believe will meet your expectations or demonstrate to you our excavator’s abilities.