APZ 1003

  • „Fully sprung suspension“
  • „Powerful IVECO engine with 150 hp“
  • „Hydrostatic transmission“
  • „Load-Sensing Hydraulics – up to 400 bar“
  • „APZ 1003 – the flexible all-rounder at your side“

This municipal vehicle excells with its comprehensive approach: performing numerous duties in communities in the public service or as a special-purpose vehicle in the private sector makes the APZ 1003 one of the most successful multi-purpose and municipal vehicles.

In the year-round use of APZ in 1003 it demonstrates its strengths as an environmentally friendly, versatile multi-purpose and municipal vehicles to the full. Here you have, in terms of the impact on the environment, the emission standard EURO 6.  We manufacture the APZ 1003 with a leak-proof hydraulic oil tank, reduced fuel consumption by the use of load-sensing hydraulics, the GIT Drive- system and by Diesel preheating because of great concern for the environment.

Our vehicles are used in the various fields of application, under all operating conditions and in all seasons. This is emphasised by standard features such as: hydraulic three-way tipping, the spacially design enabling effortless attaching or detaching of accessories and implements.

The APZ 1003 comes in three variants. The differences between these three are explained briefly below *:

 APZ 1003 KAPZ 1003 MAPZ 1003 L
Length (approx.): ca. 3.650 mmca. 3.900 mmca. 4.250 mm
Width (approx.):ca. 1.250 mmca. 1.370 mmca. 1.500 mm
Wheelbase (approx.):ca. 1.950 mmca. 2.200 mmca. 2.550 mm
Max. Load capacity (approx.):ca. 4.150 kgca. 4.250 kgca. 4.250 kg
Max. Total weight (approx.):ca. 6.500 kgca. 6.700 kgca. 7.100 kg
Loading area:1.650 x 1.250 x 400 mm1.900 x 1.330 x 400 mm2.250 x 1.500 x 400 mm
Loading height:1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Standard tires: 265 / 75 R 16,
All-terrain tread
265 / 75 R 16,
All-terrain tread
275 / 70 R 18,
All-terrain tread

*The data in this table include the standard dimensions, it is possible to manufacture to meet your requirements and ideas precisely.

The APZ 1003 has a hydrostatic, automotive all-wheel drive, which is equipped with terrain determined speed-control and two switchable underload speeds. The built-in GIT-Drive system reduces engine speed up to 30% during transport. A standard differential lock allows maximum ease of operation when passing over any surfaces and under all types of terrain conditions. A hydraulic dual circuit braking system with disc brakes, front and rear, and the optional ABS offer the highest possible safety standards. By equiping the APZ 1003 for operation on public roads, it is possible for the vehicle to have multiple uses of at different locations.

This narrow gauge vehicle is equipped with a load-sensing hydraulics which allows the user fuel savings of up to 35% during operations.   Also included is an oil flow regulator, multifunctional levers, a parallel circuitry and an automatic front excavator when reversing as standard installed equipment. Our vehicles are factory-equipped with full common hydraulic systems and a massive front mounting plate with parallel guides, thus you will be a use of any attachments possible without having to make further adjustments to the vehicle. For more information about our accessories and implements, please see the section “Accessories and Implements”.

The comfortable cab of APZ 1003 with a heated panoramic windscreen, tinted heat-insulated glass, generous entry and through-cab access from both sides, height and tilt adjustable steering column, hydraulically adjustable seating and equipped with heating for both driver and front passenger seats. An air suspension seat is available as an optional extra. A parabolic spring system from the truck construction guarantees even when running empty ensures particularly comfortable ride. Even the spacious interior space of the cabin creates a very comfortable working environment for the operator.

A well designed dashboard fitted with ergonomic handles for safe operation provides the user with the highest possible handling ease.

Other features of this versatile machine can be described as follows: the cab is completely free of vibrations because it is suspended in an elastic mounting and can be tilted hydraulically. This includes the effortless maintenance access.

Each vehicle of APZ 1003 series is certified by TÜV and supplied with an approval.

Thus, the APZ 1003 right all-rounder for your use, with optional changes made in our factory. It is our pleasure to offer you a customized multifunctional utility vehicle designed to meet your specific requirements.

For versatile use in the municipal and private sectors the APZ 1003 series narrow gauge vehicles are the choice.  Lets us convince you by either talking to us or better yet a demostration of our vehicle at your site.